Cover reveal and synopsis for Irreparably Broken


Sometimes outward appearances do not always represent reality…

That’s what twenty-year old Tori discovers when she moves in with her best friend Liv for the summer. Liv’s older brother Brady is everything Tori knows is wrong for her, yet he invokes feelings deep in her soul that she’s never felt with anyone else. When the two eventually succumb to their irrefutable feelings, Tori realizes Brady is not the same confident guy she’s secretly loved for years. Tori desperately wants Brady to confide in her, but he refuses to talk about the secrets that have drastically changed his life.

Turning to the one person that always makes her laugh, she begins spending time with Liv and Brady’s younger brother Tug. While the two spend more and more time together, Tori wonders if her feelings for Tug run deeper than the “just buddies” status they’ve always shared. As she begins to explore her feelings, the conflict between brothers she’d hoped to avoid erupts. She knows she has to choose.

When Brady finally reveals his secrets, Tori makes her decision; one that may leave them all Irreparably Broken.

6 thoughts on “Cover reveal and synopsis for Irreparably Broken

  1. P.J. Evans

    I LOVE that cover! It’s simple yet beautiful – the colors, the crumpled paper, that red “b”… every aspect of it is pulling me in. And after reading the synopsis, needless to say, I’m hooked! When is the release date?? I just have to add it to my blog calendar!

    1. Author K J Bell Post author

      Thanks! Damonza did the cover. His covers are always fabulous. I don’t have a firm release date but looking at summer. Jul/Aug. It goes to editor end of April and I have few reading and reviewing leading up to release. I’ll keep you posted. xoxo KJ


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