Irreparably Broken Teaser

kissing in the rain

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Teaser – Irreparably Broken – K J Bell

Ripping my arm from Brady’s strong grip, I whirl around glaring at him crossly. “What the fuck was that about Brady? Jesus Christ, I think you broke his nose.”

Brady throws his hands up, letting out an irate blast of air. “Fortunately for him that’s all I did. That dirty bastard should be thanking me for not killing him.” Casting his eyes over me, I look up at him and see how insanely pissed he is. “Don’t you know better than to take drinks from strange men in bars, Tori?” His voice sounds overly concerned for someone who doesn’t give a crap about me.

Guh! I did know that. Goddammit! My head is swimming in alcohol, clouded and confused. I haven’t been thinking clearly. Opening my mouth, I taste the rain before I speak. “Yes, of course I know that. I wasn’t going to drink it.”

I’m lying and the disbelief on Brady’s face is evident. “Good thing! That douchebag put something in it. When I saw who he took it too, I completely fucking lost it.”

His swoop in and save the day gloating is sending my anger to new heights. “Why do you care anyway Brady? It’s obvious you hate me just as much as I hate you.”

Pacing, Brady curses under his breath. Drops of water spray out around his face as he rakes his fingers furiously through his dark wet hair. “Fuck it!” Closing the gap between us, Brady marches towards me, his boots slapping against the wet ground. His green eyes deepen in color until they’re nearly black. Nervously, I back away from him until the cold bricks of the wall press into my back. Inhaling a long fortifying breath, I glare anxiously at Brady. My heart pounds in my throat and I struggle to swallow against it.

With one arm on each side of me, he places his palms flat against the bricks behind me. Our noses practically touch as hot breath mingles between us. Rain droplets fall from his dark lashes and land on his cheeks. The tear shaped drops catch in his stubble, changing directions like a pin ball. Breathing in through my nose, I smell whiskey on his breath mixed with a scent I’ve loved my entire life, Brady. Turning from his heated gaze, I shake away my thoughts, knowing how wrong he is for me.

“Is that what you think, Tor, that I hate you?” His fiery eyes burn into me. My desire rages like an inferno ready to ignite my skin.

Blinking twice, I pour a cold bucket of water on my thoughts and hang my head. “You helped Jake to cheat on me.”

Putting his middle three fingers under my chin, he lifts my head. I shiver and tell myself it’s from the rain. “Jake was always a cheat. I just sped the part along where you found out what a prick he really is.”

“You’re such a liar!” I bite my lip because I will not cry. “I hate you, Brady!”

“Do you, Tor.” His index finger presses into my flesh just below my collar bone. When he begins trailing it down my skin chasing a rain drop, I have to turn away. Ignoring the heat burning inside me like red-hot coals, I shake my head stubbornly. His finger stops when it reaches the curve of my left breast. “Look right here and ask yourself if you really feel that way?”

He’s right. Jake’s always been a cheat. Brady’s also spot-on with regard to how I feel about him. I definitely don’t hate him. I wish I did though.

“I don’t know what I feel.” Pushing off the wall slightly, I try to move away, but Brady holds his ground. With his wide shoulders and firm chest in front of me, I might as well be trapped between two brick walls. My thoughts don’t form with clarity. Alcohol makes my head feel fuzzy and the water glistening off Brady’s skin makes him look sexy as hell. As he licks his lips, a few drops fall from the dark hair in front of his eyes. I’m pissed at myself for thinking about him like this – for thinking about him at all. Heat clinches my sex and I just want him to let me go. At the same time, I want him to hold me against this wall and give me a reason to care.

Without warning, he crashes his lips to mine, slamming me into the wall. In one fluid motion he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. Cupping his hands under my ass, he holds me up against the bricks. Immediately, I open my mouth to him and our tongues meet, sweeping and stroking against the others, warm and wet. Tasting the whiskey on his tongue and something sweet, I moan into his mouth and run my fingers through his soft damp hair.
Remembering Liv, I break the kiss. He grips my face roughly between his thumb and fingers and covers my lips again. “Shit, Brady, stop!”

His shoulders sag and he groans, his hips pushing into me and I feel his erection. “Christ, Tori, I really don’t want to. Your mouth tastes as sweet as I always thought it would and I want nothing more than to shove my tongue right back in it.”

Oh. My. God. Focus, Tori! Focus!

Copyright © 2013 by KJ Bell. All rights reserved.

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