Share from a reader.

“I’m on Chapter 25 of The Locket, and I keep having to read the second paragraph. So well put and appropriate for the state of things in Boston this week. Well said and so true!”

Received this from a reader on my Facebook page this morning and I was touched. I decided to post the paragraph she is referring to. Don’t let hate decide your course.

The Locket, Chapter 25 Paragraph 2

“Hating the way I had grown up so much, I allowed my fear of getting close to someone guide the direction of my relationship with Brent. That fear nearly stopped me from loving the one person that loves me immeasurably. I would always consider hate to be the greatest evil we could face in our lives because as human beings, it was our nature to be passionate. Passion, though a wonderful virtue, could make us weak, allowing us to hate more easily than we should.  With so many people in the world, I knew I couldn’t reach everyone, so for now, I would allow myself to believe the words I told Kace, that humans are inherently good and stronger than he thought.”

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