New Release Giveaway!


Now that Irreparably Broken is live, let’s have a little fun. Once Irreparably Broken reaches 25 reviews on Amazon, I’ll giveaway a $25 Amazon gift card. At 50, I’ll giveaway another one. When I reach 100 reviews, I’ll gift a signed paperback and a $25 gift card. So, what are you waiting for? Get reading and post your review.

4 thoughts on “New Release Giveaway!

  1. sherri

    This is a awesome book to read.the author knows how to write and puts so much emotion into it that it keeps you turning the cliff hanger she ties everything up in the end and you are like wow what a amazing book.You have secrets and friendship love and hot sex scenes all in one book.I give this book 5 stars and would recommend reading.well worth it.

    1. Lisa

      EU could also invade other countries. That’s been the strategy in the past: the government would rack up a debt, and then the army and the navy would go and rob some natvees.Unfortunatily, robbing your own citizens doesn’t work quite as well, although it’s politically more acceptable today.


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