Daily Archives: July 16, 2014

There’s a new pirate in town!

There’s a new pirate in town.

This one is far more deceptive than the traditional pirate who runs a website blatantly offering free downloads. With websites, although frustrating and time consuming, an author can tirelessly combat those with takedown notices.

The new pirate is a coward that hides behind their keyboard, running a “secret” book club on various social media sites. When you join the secret club, you are given your choice of free books to read.

So cool right? A book club, where the books are free—fabulous. But the minute you download that free book, you are a thief. You are stealing from the author. The book club admin know this and doesn’t feel an ounce of remorse for it. Do you?

What makes these new pirates even more disgusting is that they pretend to be a loyal fan of the very authors they are thieving from. They send messages. Comment on all of their posts. Share the author’s links and photos. They build a relationship with their “favorite” author, and then, they get to work fucking them.

While the author is bent over, taking it, they raid their pages, inviting the author’s friends and fans to their “secret” book club. They steal from the author right under their nose, and because they’ve been such a devoted fan, the author smiles and says, “Thank you.”

I fell for the scam, thought I developed a friendship with a reader, someone who truly supported me and my work, but no—they were using me—taking from me. I’m hurt, disgusted, angry, and sad. But mostly, I feel violated. Some idiot running a website I have no personal connection with is one thing. “Here is your takedown notice, asshole!” But someone that spent a year slowly insinuating themselves into my life, under the pretense of friendship, well that is a bitter pill to swallow! Hell, I acknowledged this person in my latest release as one of my loyal fans that I was ever so grateful to. I can imagine her snickering as she read it. She got me, and I hope she is proud of herself.

I’ve called her out publicly, but she refuses to respond, and quickly exited my groups and pages. Karma will deal with her, and I will move on. I will not let her bring me down. I will not let her taint my feelings for the trustworthy group of fans I do consider friends. She’s the bad apple, and I hope she rots.

At the end of the day folks, if a book is genuinely a free book, it will be offered on a retail site, such as Amazon or B&N. It will not be a “book club” perk, and I urge you to know the difference.

For those of you that know the difference, and choose to steal from authors, we’re tired of being fucked! We’re pissed, and we’re coming for you!