Win an ARC of The Hustle

Hustle-ARC, The - KJ BELL

Who’s up for a little contest to win an ARC of The Hustle? What do you have to do? Below are five quotes from The Hustle. Create a teaser pic, using your favorite one. E-mail the teaser pic to me at: by 6PM on January 16th. I’ll choose three. You must have a Kindle e-mail address to participate.

  1. The monster grins. He can’t be tamed, any more than the man can be saved.
  2. As the sexy smirk I’ve come to adore crawls up the corner of his mouth, I don’t care what he says, as long as it’s not good-bye.
  3. I’m pleading with a man who feels nothing more than deception, but the softness of his expression shows me he wants to believe the lie.
  4. I’m in awe of her. Of each time her contagious laugh forces me to smile, of each time my bullshit is challenged with a harsh look. She’s unexpected and brilliant and although she scares me, I’m all in.
  5. I love that she’s not shy. As if she has no insecurities beneath the surface that could ruin what we have.

3 thoughts on “Win an ARC of The Hustle

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