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The Locket – Releasing Spring 2013


*Due to heavy subject matter, language, and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature readers. 17+

For seventeen year old Claire Blake, life never stood still long enough to make friends or fall in love. But all of that was about to change. Finally, she had a chance to settle down in the small town of Northfield, Massachusetts. Ever since her parents uprooted her life when she was four years old, things were never the same. They moved frequently and Claire became accustomed to being the ‘new girl’. Her parents raised her to trust no one, insisting she had a “higher purpose” and needed to be protected.

When Claire’s parents were killed a few months ago in a tragic car accident, she ended up returning to her birth home, to live with her aunt Maggie. Adjusting to her new life back in Northfield proved difficult. Rumors why her family had moved nearly fourteen years ago floated about town long after they left. Claire discovered the townspeople believed her house was haunted and was now prepared to be the outcast in her new school.

On her first day at River Town High, she is literally thrown into the arms of mysterious but charming Brent Cassidy. Claire immediately feels safe and protected with Brent as though she has known him her entire life. Though Claire has never allowed herself to be attached to anyone in particular, she finds herself spending time with Brent and feels undeniably connected to him.

When supernatural things start happening to Claire, she realizes Brent holds the answers to all of her questions. As the reasons for her parent’s odd behavior begin to unfold, Claire’s purpose is finally revealed. Her life will change dramatically, as both Claire and Brent discover the truth that binds them together, forever.