Current Projects

I’m currently working on several projects, including a new series. The first book is titled Wrath of Shame.

My degenerate father was a drunk who didn’t care about me. By thirteen, I ran the streets, doing whatever I pleased. That is until Seamus O’Rilley showed up at my father’s house to claim me.

For five years, I was forced to live with the most notorious street gang in Boston. Although the Irish Bastards were criminals and thugs, Shame demanded his crew respect me. The day of my eighteenth birthday, my freedom was granted. As I stared at the exit, I knew I should run, but I couldn’t.

The club was my home.

The members were my family.

Shame owned my heart and I was finally old enough to make him mine. But life was complicated. Shame had demons. Would he ever see me as a woman, or would I always be the girl he rescued?

In addition to Shame, I’m writing the Irreparable Series, books one and two from Tug’s POV as well as Liv’s story, My Way.

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